Back in the early days, when hair dyeing was in its beginning, hair color products regularly give off a very noxious rotten egg sort of scent.

This is good news, though, that now, the current versions of these past goods smell a lot better. The best thing about these current iterations is that Korean hair dye is good to cover gray hair.

cover gray hairBoth wet hair or dry, quite a number of the coloring items available today can be incorporated into the hair making a shampoo like a lather, left to work its magic (with or without a plastic hair covering component, depending on the product) and then rinsed and conditioned. How easy is it?

Unfortunately, convenience comes at a price, as is always the case in life. Chemicals used in hair dye, such as ammonia and peroxide, can be almost as toxic and harmful to your hair today as they were in the early days of hair dyeing, and that is particularly true if you dye your hair too much.

Clearly, the hair can react differently to various amounts of chemicals used in different kinds of cosmetics, but there are typically three primary categories of hair coloring forms used by major hair care firms today – semi-permanent, semi-permanent and permanent.

You can cover gray hair with Korean hair dye without altering the natural coloring too much.

Following a few washes, these ions, as they are so small, gradually leave the hair shaft leaving the hair like it was before the hair dyeing procedure.

Semi-permanent hair coloring typically lasts from six to twelve shampoos and has the potential to mask up to fifty percent of the grays.

This improves the natural coloring of the hair but does not lighten it because it does not contain ammonia or peroxide.


Half-permanent hair dye shades typically last for longer than the semi-permanent form, with about 22-28 shampoos.

Pre-colored molecules join the hair through the cuticle, as in a semi-permanent pigment, but once in the hair cortex they combine with other molecules to create medium-sized color molecules.

Since these molecules are bigger in size, they are taking so much longer to wash their bodies.

Demi-permanent hair dye does not contain any ammonia so that the natural pigmentation of the hair cannot be lightened, but contains a small amount of peroxide which makes a mild (but noticeable) change of color.